What sets Vinnarum apart from the competition?

Vinnarum casino has been around for almost five years now, and have established themselves as a casino that is as entertaining as it is trustworthy. The five years they have been active have given them stable growth, but it seems that in the last year or two is when they have really made it on to the big scene. They are receiving more and more exposure on the biggest casino portals, and are consistently receiving top marks in casino reviews, and comments on gaming forums are favourable to say the least – MrCasinon.com is one of the Scandinavian gaming portals that have ranked Vinnarum as one of the five best casinos on the market, for example. But what is it that have made this casino so popular amongst players around Europe? In this blog post we will attempt to find out just what it is that Vinnarum does in order to stand out from the crowd.

Heavy marketing campaigns

Backed by the Bonnier Corporation, one of Swedens oldest and biggest groups of companies, Vinnarum casino has a marketing budget that few casinos can afford. Over the past three years, there have been several large campaigns for Vinnarum in both TV and Radio as well as on the internet. The marketing team behind Vinnarum seem to be focusing on making advertisements that differ from most other casinos, which has been proven successful, as most casinos use similar marketing tactics. Vinnarum has dared to be different, and this has given them an edge on their competition.

Strong welcome offers

It’s one of those things that all the players know, but yet many operators seem to have missed. Today, it’s simply impossible for a casino to gain new players if it does not offer a generous welcome package. Yet there are so many casinos that are very restrictive when it comes to bonuses. Fortunately, Vinnarum casino have done their homework, and offer one of the most lucrative welcome offers on the market today. The starting bonus consists of up to €800 in bonuses, and 200 free spins, of which 20 are released as soon as the players has signed up to the casino. The bonus is split up between a players first four deposit. This bonus strategy is really useful, as players are more than likely to deposit four times in order to make full use of the bonus. And once you’ve made four deposits, who’s to say to say that you won’t keep depositing at Vinnarum even after that?

Brand Building

One of the most common mistakes I think a lot of the new casinos today are making, is that they don’t focus on making their website stand out. So many casinos on todays market basically look like copies of one another, and are therefore not likely to attract much attention from players. Vinnarum casino, on the other hand, has put a lot of effort into making their website and brand unique. In a time where a lot of casinos are focusing on having that Las Vegas-feel to them, with glamour and luxury as their main themes, Vinnarum has created a casino that is a lot more laid back, and players seem to really like it.

High Quality Games

Some casinos go for quantity, and some casinos go for quality. Both of these way has negative sides however. Sites with a huge selection of low quality games rarely attract any attention in the first place, whereas casinos with a small number of high quality games quickly gets boring. Vinnarum casino have found the middle ground between these two, and are offering a few hundred games from carefully selected game developers, including NetEnt, Microgaming as well as NextGen.

LeoVegas steps into the primetime with new sponsorship deal

To say that the online casino market is overcrowded is actually a massive understatement. The amount of available online casinos and mobile casinos is now simply astounding, as there are now hundreds throughout Europe that vie for your attention every time you logon to an online casino portal. In order to stand out from the chasing pack, an online casino must present something different, which is exactly what LeoVegas have managed to do.

It seems that in many ways LeoVegas are the online casino brand of the moment, as they have managed to draw in big crowds through their noteworthy game selection. However, it isn’t just the brand’s game selection that has caught player’s eyes. This is because LeoVegas is raising the stakes not just through an expansive advertising campaign, but also through some new endorsement and sponsorship deals that look to put the mainstream spotlight on the company.

Celebrity Juice

As far as the ratings go, few shows on ITV2 have delivered as consistently as Celebrity Juice. While the game shows nature has certainly raised some questions with critics, its popularity is pretty much undeniable. In many ways it makes sense that LeoVegas, an online casino that prides itself on being fun, would choose to sponsor such a show. The deal that was handled through The Broadcast House represents a major step-up for LeoVegas, largely as prior to this the online casino was sponsoring lesser-known channel truTV. TruTV is known as the competition and comedy channel, but it never seemed like the right fit for LeoVegas. Now LeoVegas has stepped into the mainstream by taking the prime TV sponsorship of Celebrity Juice out from underneath the nose of Kellogg’s Squares.

Growing Status

The brand new deal kicks off with the launch of the 14th season of the show, which runs up until the end of December, when it ends on the traditional Christmas special. The show will now be branded with the LeoVegas logo, but it isn’t just that which will be adorned with the LeoVegas image. ITV.com and ITV Player catch up versions of the show will also feature LeoVegas imagery, along with the show’s social media channels. ITV2 currently ranks as one of the leading digital channels in the United Kingdom, so it is clear that LeoVegas is looking to tap into this audience through this new deal.

Dress Like a Lion

Partnering this new sponsorship deal is a new social media initiative known as “Dress Like a Lion”, which puts the focus on the company’s mascot. It will see the Lion mimic the flamboyant dress sense of Celebrity Juice host Keith Lemon in what should make for a fun little side project. Speaking on the brand new sponsorship agreement Shenaly Amin (LeoVegas UK Country Manager) has said, “Celebrity Juice is easily the most fun show on TV in the UK, with millions tuning in each week to see what shenanigans the show’s panel will get up to next. We feel the show’s nature really fit sin with the image that LeoVegas looks to project. Celebrity Juice is all about fun and so are we! It’s the perfect match!”.

All Over the Box

LeoVegas is all over the TV these days and this is exactly how the LeoVegas marketing department wants it. Amin said, “Since arriving on UK TV last year, we have been steadily building upon our mainstream media presence”. Changing the way LeoVegas is seen by the public, keep an eye out for the online casino brand next time you sit down to take in an episode of Celebrity Juice on ITV2.

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